Benjamin Brewer

There isn’t much available in the ways of news media concerning the disappearance of Ben, but luckily I was able to reach out to some of his friends and family, and they took the time to tell me about him.

I want to start with the details leading up to his disappearance. Ben had been staying with a friend of his named Warner who lived in Wooton, Ky. Warner’s grandmother sadly passed away, so he took his children to Ashland to attend her funeral and spend some time with his family. He left a set of house keys with Ben before he left, but when he returned Ben and the keys, were gone. He was supposedly seen at another house sometime during that week/weekend, but the exact date and location weren’t able to be substantiated. Also, an acquaintance told Police that Ben was acting paranoid and scared because he thought someone was trying to get him. As far as I was able to determine, whoever Ben was afraid of was never mentioned.

Another detail of note is that on either August 4th or 5th (2017), a friend of Ben’s took him to see a doctor because of a worsening infection in his arm. The doctor was so concerned that he wanted to admit Ben to the hospital, but he refused, so the doctor gave him 2 bottles of antibiotics. Both of these bottles were found at Warner’s house, with only one dose missing from each of the bottles. It’s obvious to me that something happened before he could take any other doses. If he wasn’t concerned with his arm why would he have even bothered to go to the doctor in the first place? Especially since he didn’t own a car, and would have had to arrange for someone to take him.

The last day anyone can remember seeing him was on August 6, 2017.

At this point the exact details about who was the last person to see him are sketchy at best. It’s been said that he left a ‘party’ at an unknown location with someone named Doug. Is it possible that this Doug person was the last one to see Ben alive?

At this point, anything is possible.

I want to go ahead and get this out of the way, Ben, like many others was struggling with addiction. That makes his story no less important, and his family no less deserving of answers.

From the multiple conversations I’ve had with the people who knew Ben, he sounds as if he was someone who was more than likely dealing with some depressive issues himself, and probably chose to self-medicate to deal with it. As someone who suffers from depression, I can relate to how he may have possibly been feeling at some points in his life. He was an emotional person, seemingly everything that he felt was amplified beyond what someone else may have experienced. He had a wonderful sense of humor and loved to laugh, but he was somewhat gullible. Which lead to many a prank being played on him. He could be bashful and giggly, and when he was happy, it was infectious.

He was an outdoorsy type, who loved to be outside, loved the mountains and walking among the trees. He was also someone whom I’d call mechanically inclined. He was able to take things apart and put them back together, he tinkered, explored, and then returned things to working order.

Due to some disagreements with his parents, he often stayed with friends and other family members. His grandmother was his most favorite person, she was always there for him and never let him go without a roof over his head and food in his belly. She was supportive of him, and although she was critical of some of the choices he made at times, she never turned her back on him. Her love was absolutely abundant for her grandson, and his for her. He stayed with her most of all, but sadly in October of 2016, she passed away.

Ben was devastated.

So just like that, he was without the one person he knew would always be there for him.

His person.

Addiction, depression, it all spiraled out of control until he was unrecognizable. A shell of the man he had been.

Then, like nothing at all he vanished into thin air in August of 2017. No one claims to know anything. We all know that’s a complete crock. More than likely someone that he saw that last night knows exactly what happened to Ben. What I can’t understand is why no one wants to clear their conscious about this. You know who you are. You know what happened. You know where he is.

Ben was from Wooton. Leslie County is not some huge metropolitan area with hundreds of thousands of people to point fingers at. Do you really think by not saying anything you’re helping someone out? I mean if you know who murdered Ben and you’re not saying anything, just stop. You can give an anonymous tip to law enforcement and put an end to this family’s endless worrying.  If Ben happened to overdose, why would someone not just call 911? If something happened that 911 couldn’t help, why wouldn’t they just leave his body somewhere so he could be found and laid to rest? It’s absolutely time for the silence to end and for Ben to be brought home.

Stop being silent.

Call KSP Post 13 at 606-435-6069 or leave a tip at the Where’s Ben Brewer? Facebook page, or if you want to send a message to me, do it here or on the UA Facebook page.

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