Bobby Eugene Adams

On the night of November 30, 1991, 31-year-old Bobby Eugene Adams was working the graveyard shift for C&H Cab in Charleston, WV. His last fare of the night was a 40 something caucasian man with blonde hair, and may very well have been the person who presumably murdered him.

Although Bobby’s remains have never been discovered, it wasn’t long after his disappearance that law enforcement located his cab. It was obvious to police that something tragic had befallen Bobby on the night he was last seen.

“People don’t lose that much blood and survive,” said Charleston Police Sgt. Bobby Eggleton.

It’s been nearly 28 years since Bobby disappeared. Despite the many suspects and persons of interest that have existed over the years, and all of the rumored locations of Bobby’s remains, nothing has ever been substantiated.

The last fare of November 30, 1991, has never been identified, and this case sadly remains cold.

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