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The Sinister Disappearance of Brooke Farthing, by mh_12rm_66

18-year-old Brookelyn Farthing was last seen at a friend’s house in the 100 block of Dillon Court in Berea, Kentucky in the early morning hours of June 22, 2013. The night she was last seen, Brookelyn went with her younger sister, a cousin and some friends to a party outside Berea, Kentucky. After some time, the other girls decided they were going to head home. Farthing stayed behind since she had another friend at the party who could’ve given her a ride. However the two got in an argument (about a boy possibly, according to Farthing’s mother) and the girl left without her leaving Farthing to look to others for a lift. That night she sent multiple text messages trying to get a ride home including one saying she needed a ride, ‘because I’m scared’. She wanted her ex-fiance to pick her up, but he didn’t get off work until later in the morning. The last text from her phone was sent at 5:30 a.m., saying “Never mind, I’m okay. I’m going to a party in Rockcastle County.”

Farthing’s friend who owned the house left to move some horses into a nearby field. When he left the house, he said, Farthing was sitting on the couch smoking. When he returned at 7:00 a.m., the house was on fire and Farthing was missing, but her cowboy boots, purse and some clothes were still there. The only item missing was her cellular phone. The house fire began on the couch and almost completely consumed it, and burned a hole in the floor underneath, but it was extinguished before it got out of control. It was ruled suspicious. The homeowner was in the process of moving out, and as a result, utilities to the house had been turned off for weeks and there was no electricity there at all.

Farthing has never been heard from again and an extensive search of the area turned up no sign of her. Cadaver dogs were brought in, and divers combed the nearby bodies of water. Hundreds of people navigated 16,000 acres in three counties surrounding the home, but there was no sign of Farthing. Authorities contacted Farthing’s cell phone carrier and determined it last pinged on a tower in nearby Blue Lick, about 30 miles from where Farthing was last seen. The phone has not been turned on since.

Investigators believe Farthing may have been taken against her will, and they think the last text message sent from her phone was sent by someone else. To date, police have not named any persons of interest or suspects in the case, saying it remains an “open and active investigation.”

I’m almost certain Farthing was met with foul play due to the circumstances of her disappearance (that have been released thus far). Beyond this however I’m not really sure who could be behind her disappearance, I suspect the owner of the house (whose name I couldn’t find) may be involved as he was the last person to see her. Furthermore he had the opportunity to commit the crime given the several hour time frame between the “I’m scared” text and the fire. Moreover, the house where Farthing was last seen was in a fairly isolated area. The text that references a party in Rockcastle County is definitely suspicious due to the time it was sent (a party at 5:30 in the morning ?) and the fact that Farthing had spent the last several hours trying to get home. Changing your mind about going home to go to a party that’s at least a 25 min drive at 5:30am without any of the friends you arrived with just doesn’t sit right with me. However given the lack of information available online I am just speculating. What do y’all think happened ? Lemme know in the comments.

Interestingly enough, while I was researching this case I found a post on Topix posted about a year after Farthing’s disappearance (July 2014) that claims to know her fate. According to the poster “Justice Seeker” from Mckee, Ky, there was a rumor going around the Berea/Richmond area that Farthing was murdered by a man named Josh Hensley who “chopped her [Farthing] up” and “scattered” her. A google search of Josh Hensley didn’t return any information of value. Given that this was just an online post this info should be taken with a grain of salt. I included the text of the original post below just in case something happens to the original link (I have screenshots also if needed).

“I heard a rumor that somewhere near the Richmond/Berea area a vehicle containing Josh Hensley and an unidentified female was found on the side of the road. They were supposed to have been out of gas and asked a man for a ride. At some point, the woman told the man who picked her up that she was afraid of Josh and that she didn’t want to be dropped back off with him. The man respected her wishes and refused to let her back out with Josh. Josh was said to have gotten mad and they got into an argument. The woman supposedly told the man that Josh Hensley had chopped up Brookelyn Farthing and scattered her all over the place. Again I say this is just a rumor that I heard and I cannot say for sure how factual this story is. It’s simply a rumor that I heard. I’m not in any way sharing this information to offend anyone or shatter the hope or faith of Brookelyns safe return home. I do know that I’ve heard a lot of incriminating evidence of Mr Hensley and I honestly believe that he’s the person guilty of this crime. Please.. if anyone has any knowledge of Josh Hensley or Brookelyn please contact the police immediately. You do not have to fear getting in trouble because you can call from a payphone that cannot be traced and police will help to make sure you remain completely anonymous. Everyone dreams of being a hero, this is your opportunity to become one. Numerous people in your community would be forever thankful for your honesty!”

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