Carrie Lee Burgett

Carrie Burgett and her boyfriend left her home in West Liberty, Ky, shortly after 12:00 am on March 28, 2017. The living arrangements weren’t clear in the news articles found online. Carrie did advise whomever she shared the residence with (I’m assuming it was more than likely relatives) that she’d be home in time to get her children ready for school.

This was the last time that her family saw her.

According to Carrie’s boyfriends’ sister, Carrie left in the middle of the night with someone that they (the boyfriend and his sister) didn’t know. They couldn’t provide any information about where she may have gone either.

Carrie’s family also advised that her boyfriend never called to see if Carrie had made it home later that day, or at any point afterward.

NamUs states that Carrie’s jewelry was sold by her boyfriend, but her family was able to locate it and buy it back.

There is little information available about Carrie’s disappearance, some news articles state that no foul play was suspected, but I can’t help but be a little bit suspicious of the entire situation/story. If you have any information regarding what happened to Carrie, or her whereabouts please contact the Morgan County Sheriff’s Ofc at 606-743-3613, KSP Post 8 at 606-784-4127, or you can submit an anonymous tip using the option on our website or at the Find Carrie Burgett Facebook Page.

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