Charles Randolph

December 15, 2009, was the last time anyone remembers seeing 55-year-old Charles Randolph.

A witness claims to have seen him getting into the back of a white SUV, but wasn’t able to tell authorities who was driving it. Wherever he was going, it doesn’t appear that he planned on being gone for very long. He’d left a space heater running behind the locked door of his home. Also left behind was his inhaler and his heart medication. His truck was still sitting in the driveway and his dog was tethered outside.

Even more disturbing was the necklace he was known to always wear, was found in the driveway. Broken.

On November 5, 2009, a dive team with sonar equipment came out to search a pond that was near Charles’s home. Cadaver dogs indicated there were possible human remains, but no body was found.

In Feb 2013 DNA testing was ordered on the vehicle that a person of interest in the case owns, guess what… it’s a white Ford Explorer. The article also advises that the testing in 2013 could have possibly destroyed the evidence they had. So I’m guessing it must have been a very small sample. The Dunnville Fire Department also pumped out a small 10ft-12ft cistern that police had received tips about but there was no indication of anyone being in it.

Numbers indicate bodies of water near the road where Charles lived. The pond that was searched was not specified.

Please contact the Casey County Sheriff’s Office if you have any information 606-787-6821.

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