Clancy Ray Adkins

Clancy Ray Adkins was a loving, doting grandfather who enjoyed nothing more than spending time with his four grandchildren. Although, things hadn’t always been so simple in his life…

Photo: Justice for Clancy Ray Adkins Facebook

The last three years Mr. Adkins had been battling with leukemia, and things were looking up as he entered into remission and perhaps, just perhaps, he was beginning to see there was a light at the end of this tunnel.

On February 4th, 2017, Mr. Adkin’s girlfriend Beverly said ‘goodbye’ to him as she was heading off to work.

At around 6:00pm, one of Mr. Adkins son’s stopped by the home and discovered the unimaginable.

Clancy Ray Adkins, the 54 years old survivor of leukemia and grandfather of four had been shot.

According to the news articles I was able to find and the family members I was able to speak with, there didn’t appear to be any struggle or any items removed from the home.

Photo: EKB The Scene of the Crime

There was a bullet hole next to the front door. (I circled it in red to help as best as I could with visibility.)

Unfortunately, I am not an expert on ballistics, or really anything else for that matter. So I don’t feel like I can comment on whether it’s an entry or exit. There are things I would ‘expect’ to see in something going in versus something exciting, but that doesn’t make it factual.

Another frustrating thing to note about this is that none of Mr. Adkin’s neighbors saw any vehicles (cars, trucks, ATVs) going to or from the home that afternoon/evening. They actually lived on a hillside, with neighboring houses below, so you’d think that would be even more likely to call attention to the approach of a vehicle.

But NO ONE reported hearing or seeing anything…

So please, tell me, how does someone manage to sneak up this driveway, gun an innocent man down, and no one sees or hears anything?

Mr. Adkins home to the left, on top of hill. Photo: EKB Scene of the Crime

If you know anything, even if it’s just someone you think is ‘shooting off’ their mouth, CALL THE POLICE.

It may be a rumor, but it could also be the truth.

Stop being quiet.

Stop hiding out your buddies.

Grow a pair. Decide to be a decent human.

Call the police @ 606-433-7711.

The Scene of the Crime
Justice for Clancy Ray Adkins Facebook
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