Diana Roberts

Diana Roberts, 31, was last seen on either August 4th (WKYT) or August 7th (NamUs) of 2013 at the Jamestown Village trailer park on the Knott County/Perry County, Ky line.

It was alleged that she had gone to Ohio with a friend to attend a doctors appointment, however, all of her personal items were left behind. Things like her purse and wallet, items that you would generally need to take along to a doctors visit. I mean, even if you weren’t going to see a doctor, most women take their purse, or at the very least, their wallet with them anywhere they go.

Law Enforcement questioned the friend Diana was supposed to have been traveling with, but she was absolutely clueless about them taking a trip to Ohio, in the past or as a discussion related to the future.

Diana’s family believe they know who is responsible, but lack the evidence to prove anything. Her family did relay to me that Diana’s boyfriend at the time was supposed to take a polygraph, but he never showed up.

If you think you have any information regarding Diana’s disappearance, please contact the KSP at 606-435-6069.

The Charley Project

01/26/2021 – no updates available

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