Marsh Run Doe

NamUS UP# 12738 Doe Network# 2768UMMD

Marsh Run Doe was located on Sunday, May 4, 2014 in Hagerstown, Maryland; as an unidentified person was hunting for mushrooms around Loose Lane they came upon the partially skeletonized body of a white male lodged in debris in a creek called Marsh Run.

By the time of the discovery there was only bones and soft tissue that remained. Notably, upon examination by the ME they discovered a surgical metal suture inserted in his skull around the left eye socket.

Marsh Run Doe was estimated to be between 30-60 years old, he was around 6′ tall, and his time of death was somewhere within the years of 2013-2014. The remnants of the clothes he was wearing appeared to be either a green, or blue and yellow striped shirt. A pair of red shorts, size L, “NBA Elevation”; a pair of blue shorts, size XL, made in China; and a pair of blue plaid boxers “Fruit of the Loom”.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office 240-313-2175

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