Pine Mountain John Doe

On October 20, 1981, NamUs UP# 105, Case 81-F-15, was found in a remote dump location on Pine Mountain in Letcher County, Ky. His body was beginning to putrefy, and his clothing and all personal items were missing. He had been stabbed in the back and discarded. Another victim stripped of their name.

The Letcher County Coroner believed him to be between 20 and 35 years old. He had brown hair, was approximately 6’2 and weighed around 190lbs. They suspect his time of death was within the year of 1981. He had previously fractured and healed nasal bones, a healed skull fracture above his left ear, and a healed tailbone fracture.

The most disturbing thing about these cases is that someone did this.

Someone is still out there walking around with blood on their hands, and apparently zero conscious. For all we know, we walk by them on our way to work or school. While shopping for groceries. They may be taking our order for food or giving us advice in our greatest time of need.

There have been several suggestions given to NamUs about who he may be, but so far the only rule out that has been made is Ryan Kemp.

Please call the Letcher Co Coroners office if you think you know who this may be. 606-633-2129.

01/2020: I mailed a letter to the Letcher County Coroner asking if there was any way to have DNA extraction since I verified with the State ME that there was none on file.

07/2020: As you can probably guess, I never received a response from the Letcher County Coroner’s Office.

12/17/2020: Sent a FoiA request to KSP Custodian of Records, on 12/28/2020 I received an email saying my request was granted.. as of today 01/21/2021 I still have not received anything via mail or email from KSP.

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