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Reuben Kinney//Lloyd McKinney//James M. Boggs

Reuben Kinney

Reuben Kinney, 62, was last seen on September 3, 1975. He was staying with his brother in Goodwin Branch Hollow, Vanceburg, Ky, whenever he went out to use the outhouse during the early morning hours. His family reported his disappearance. Game wardens with scent dogs searched the area but didn’t find him. He was 62 years old, had suffered several strokes prior to his disappearance, and had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

His family believes that maybe he wandered onto someone else’s property and they shot him, thinking he was an intruder, and then buried his body. It’s also completely possible that he wandered into the woods and got lost. It looks pretty rural on Google Maps, so in 1975 I would say it was even more so. His disappearance is being handled by the Morehead KSP 606-784-4127.

Goodwin Branch Hollow

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