Missing Murdered

Reuben Kinney//Lloyd McKinney//James M. Boggs

Lloyd McKinney

The last time Lloyd McKinney, 30, was seen was on August 10, 1998, near a campsite along the backwaters of the Ohio River in Vanceburg, Ky, with his friend Vernon Richmond. According to The Charley Project, in 1999 Vernon Richmond was charged and plead guilty to reckless homicide and evidence tampering in McKinney’s case. According to Richmond, he and McKinney were both drunk and got into a fight. The altercation lead to Lloyd falling and striking his head, resulting in his death. Richmond then buried his body in a shallow grave in a nearby creek bed. Several articles of McKinney’s clothing have been located, but his body has not. Morehead KSP 606-784-4127.

The Charley Project

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