Sandra Flynn Fisher

It was August 3, 1978, and the Russell County Jaycees Fair was alive with excitement. The fair was one of the highlights of the year for those who lived in Russell County, and probably for many that lived in the surrounding counties as well. So of course, this wasn’t the first time 31-year-old, Sandra Flynn Fisher had frequented the fairgrounds.

The last time anyone can remember seeing her was around 10:00 pm. Her vehicle was found parked near the fairgrounds with her purse and identification left inside.

Initially, her family thought that maybe she had left with the carnival. It wouldn’t have been the first time. In 1976 and 1977 she had left with it but came back within a couple of weeks. However this time, weeks turned to months and months to years.

She’s never been seen or heard from since that night in August. LE suspects foul play is involved.

Sandra left behind a daughter, who hasn’t stopped looking for answers.

This is another instance of not much to go on. A place with that many people. That many eyes. Someone saw something.

More than likely someone who was at the fair that night is responsible, given that her vehicle was left behind. I think the saddest part is knowing that even if she was taken against her will, and did scream, many people would have just assumed it was passengers on the carnival rides. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around this one. It was such a large event, with so many people. I just don’t think there was much of a struggle. Seeing a woman struggling against a man would have definitely drawn some attention, even if a scream would not. I think she was probably, at the very least, acquainted with her abductor.

Please call KSP Post 15 with any information 270-384-4796.

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