Travis Wilson

Last seen in the early morning hours of May 25, 2007, asleep in the den of his fathers’ house near Route 3 and Yoakum Lane in Middlesboro, Ky. Travis Wilson disappeared sometime in the early morning hours. The only information I could find regarding his possible motivation for leaving that day was that he had a doctor’s appointment scheduled. However, he didn’t show up for it.

His car was found abandoned 3 weeks later on a remote access road in the Fonde Mountain area of Fonde, Ky.

The car had a flat tire and the jack had been removed from the trunk, in what appeared to be an attempt to change the tire.

Yoakum Lane to Fonde, Ky.

I’m not sure where his doctor’s appointment was at, there’s not a mention of the office location in any of the information that I found. This is another of the many, many cases that exist with basically no details available.

This is one of those completely perplexing examples of WHAT and WHY… Was he headed to the doctor when something happened? Did he pick up a hitchhiker maybe? Why was his car located on a remote access road, and if there was a flat and an obvious attempt at changing it, where did the driver go? Was he even the driver at the time?

If you have any information please contact the Middlesboro PD at 606-248-3636.

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