Cecil Burkhart

“If something has happened to him, I would really like to know so we can at least give him a proper burial. He really deserves that much. We deserve that much.”

On July 1, 2016, 30-year-old Cecil Burkhart was dropped off on Teges Creek Road in Manchester, Ky by his brother Jeff. Cecil had managed to acquired some work doing odd jobs in the area and Jeff was supposed to return for him in a couple of days.

According to this article released by WYMT in December 2016, Cecil was last seen on Saddler Road near Route 11 in the Oneida community of Clay County. From Teges Creek Road to Saddler Road is around a 5-minute drive or a 40-minute walk, so it’s not a stretch to think that Cecil could have easily walked the distance. On from there, Route 11 isn’t much farther, probably another 15-20 minutes.

I don’t know much about Cecil, although I did manage to speak briefly to one of his close friends. They described¬†him as a man that loved his family, and it is completely uncharacteristic of him to go days without calling one of them. That’s how they know something is wrong.

Sadly, the details of his disappearance are limited. I would really like to find out who he was working for during his time in the Oneida area. Who was he seen with? What kind of area is it that he was last reportedly seen? As far as his friends and family know, he didn’t have any enemies. The normally plentiful rumor mill on Topix is silent.

Cecil’s family have heard rumors of his whereabouts, but as far as those rumors go, that’s essentially all that they are. There hasn’t been any definitive evidence regarding where he is, or what happened to him.

The only thing that is known with absolute certainty, is that his family and friends miss him dearly and would love nothing more than to have him back.

They are waiting for answers.

Are you from the neighborhood Cecil was last seen in? Could you have possibly witnessed something and not have even realized it? It’s completely possible. If you think you may have seen or even heard something about what happened to Cecil ‘C-bug’ Burkhart, please call KSP Post 11 at 606-878-6622.


03/21/2021 – no updates available.

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