Gladys Stella Kidd

Gladys Stella Kidd was last seen leaving her home on or around August 6, 1990. She resided on a farm that lay along the CCC Trail in Morehead, KY, but the 71-year-old widow knew that it was a responsibility that she would no longer be able to manage. She’d shared her concerns with her children, and her son and daughter-in-law had taken her house-hunting in Morehead, but she seemed completely disinterested.

Little did they know, Gladys had already placed her farm on the market...

She’d finalized the sale of her farm sometime prior to August 6th, and afterward cleared out her bank account. The bank associate pleaded with Gladys to take a cashier’s check, but Glady’s insisted on cash. All in all, she had around $80,000 on her at the time of her disappearance.

Gladys took all of her clothing, a filing cabinet, and the $80,000 with her whenever she left. Her car was found parked in town with the keys left inside. This eludes to her probably being picked up by someone…

Now.. it may sound like she was planning to leave, and that all may be well and true to a certain degree. However, please keep reading.

Glady’s had a secret boyfriend.

Now when I say secret, I mean secret. This mysterious caller did not want any of her family, friends, or church family to know his identity.

The calls began a few months before her disappearance.

However, if anyone answered the phone other than Gladys he would hang up without a word and call straight back. At which point, Gladys would jump to answer the call herself. It wasn’t unusual for her to leave nearly immediately after hanging up.

She told her family that they did know her mystery man and that they would be surprised to find out who it was.

The secret boyfriend perhaps?

The last time she was heard from was through letters postmarked in Lexington. She’d sent letters to her two daughters and her son. The letter she’d written to her son contained a part that stated: “Don’t try to find me, I would just leave. Don’t spend money trying. Love, Mom.”

The letters struck her children as odd, it was definitely her familiar handwriting but Gladys only had a 4th-grade education. Yet the punctuation and grammar in those letters were perfect, and the way they were written wasn’t characteristic of their mother at all. Her children thought it seemed more like she was being coached.

Gladys loved her children, and she doted on her grandchildren anytime that she could. She’d only been out of the state a handful of times, and it seemed unlikely to her family and friends that she would have just left without a word. The last thing she would have wanted to do was to cause them pain. Adding to the unlikeliness of her leaving on her own, is the fact that her social security checks have gone uncollected, her driver’s license has never been renewed, and her social security number has remained inactive since the day she vanished.

In October of 2007, law enforcement brought backhoes to a location off of Moore’s Flat Road in Rowan County. For years they had wanted to excavate this particular spot, but whoever owned the property at the time wouldn’t allow it.

Now, however, the land belonged to the bank and they were more than happy to cooperate with authorities.

Unfortunately, nothing was found.

As far as I could find, the identity of Gladys’s secret boyfriend has never been discovered, and if it has LE has kept closed lips about who it is. I can only assume that the location they excavated was provided either in the form of a tip or some evidence they have found. Either way, nothing has proved to be fruitful and Gladys is still missing.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Gladys Kidd, please contact the Kentucky State Police at 606-784-4127.

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03/06/2022 – no new information

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