Georgia Nolan

Georgia Nolan, 33, was last seen on November 25, 1976. She had been living in Chicago, Illinois until her marriage soured and she left her husband, Denver. She came back to Harlan, Ky where she had grown up.

A few months after their separation, her estranged husband came to speak with her and they decided to try and reconcile. They were on their way back to Chicago when her husband says they got into an argument and she demanded to be let out. He pulled over and she exited the vehicle somewhere along the Kentucky/Illinois border.

Her social security number hasn’t been used since her disappearance, and law enforcement suspects that foul play in involved.

Her brother reported her missing on November 28, 1976.

Let me stop right there for a moment because I’ve read several statements from the family of Georgia that her estranged husband changed his story about what happened on the day she disappeared numerous times. Georgia’s daughter has a Topix thread, now typically I wouldn’t really consider such a forum as factual information, but this is her daughter. There is also a Facebook page that’s run by Georgia’s sister. I attempted to reach out to her, but she declined to answer any questions. So I just started reading through the Topix thread. I’m going to do my best to reiterate what I learned.

In regards to the changing story of the estranged husband: He first told his daughter that Georgia disappeared somewhere near Indianapolis. Then, when the daughter was around 11 he told her that Georgia got out of the car on a busy interstate between Indiana and Illinois. Finally, in 2011 he told her that they actually stopped at a gas station in Indianapolis, In; where Georgia called a mystery woman to come pick her up. He said once the woman arrived, Georgia left and he never saw her again.


So let’s rewind back some more. On the day that Georgia and Denver were supposedly heading back to Chicago, they took their youngest daughter to Denver’s’ mother’s house. No one who lived in the area at the time can remember seeing anyone other than Denver in the car at the time the daughter was dropped off. I mean that could be nothing, perhaps just an oversight on the neighbors part.

Shortly after her disappearance, Denver filed child abandonment papers on Georgia and wrote his mother’s name in as next of kin. This gave her temporary custody of the children while Denver was working in Chicago. My question is, if a missing person’s report had been filed on someone, (that the police actually believe met with foul play) how can they be considered to have abandoned their children? I mean shouldn’t some sort of paper trail be around to show that she was listed as ‘endangered missing’? Shouldn’t it raise suspicion in the slightest?

In 1980, Denver returned to Harlan and officially filed for divorce.

The daughter grew up thinking her mom had abandoned her, according to her posts on Topix, she wasn’t even aware that there was a missing person report on her mom until she was 18 years old. That’s a long time to hide something so dire from your child.

She tried asking her grandmother about her mom’s disappearance but was never permitted to speak with her face to face about it. Apparently, anytime she would mention having questions, Denver’s sisters would claim they would ask Grandma about it…always coming back with the same answer of ‘she doesn’t remember anything’.

In 2008, law enforcement received a tip that lead to them excavating in Loyall, Ky. Apparently, around the date of Georgia’s disappearance, Denver’s sister replaced her septic tank at his behest. (Another thing that authorities decided to let slide.) A witness claims to have seen them throw a large bag into the hole. However, law enforcement didn’t want to tear out the septic system based on suspicion alone, and they refused to use any ground-penetrating radar. Honestly, I don’t even know why they would dig if they aren’t going to do a thorough job of it. To add to this, in 2009 the sister refused to comply with EPA safety guidelines and switch to city sewer.

They really don’t want anyone digging up that septic tank for some reason…

I’ll probably be adding more as I learn it. I’m still actively researching this case, as I believe it’s pretty clear and definite what and who needs to be looked into.

If you have any information that could assist in solving this disappearance, please contact Kentucky Intelligence and Missing Persons at 502-227-9708.

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