Roger Sasko

Roger Sasko, 51, was last seen at his residence near Ky 904 in Gatliff, Ky on November 6, 2003. His wife went out to run errands and when she came home he wasn’t there. He actually wasn’t even reported missing for another three months…

His family claims that there were periods of time in which Roger’s whereabouts were unknown, and they were supposedly receiving postcards and letters (bearing a Lexington, Ky postmark) from him, saying that he was traveling.

In December of 2003, his truck was reportedly recovered off Exit 29 in North Corbin. Nothing specific was mentioned about if there was any evidence within the vehicle.

After the discovery of his truck, nothing substantial happened until March 2007, when a lead led law enforcement agencies to launch a search. The search groups spent 2 days in the Gatliff and Verne areas looking for Roger’s remains. Cadaver dogs, interestingly enough, did indicate that there possibly could be (or had been) human remains at a spot on property that Sasko and his wife owned.

An excavator was brought in but unfortunately, nothing was found.

So, at what point did they stop receiving correspondence from “Roger”? As far as I know, the letters and postcards weren’t ever authenticated by police. I can’t even find where the police physically laid eyes on the alleged articles. Could that have been some type of ruse to throw law enforcement off? Why did the dogs indicate that there had been human remains at that specific location?

Roger Sasko’s disappearance is being handled by the Kentucky State Police 606-878-6622.

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