Glinver K. Osborne

On March 2, 2006, 67-year-old Glinver Osborne spoke with his daughter Gina about possibly making a bank withdrawal and going to a land auction. Later that day several witnesses saw him at the Weddington Plaza in Pikeville, Ky. An unnamed friend supposedly picked Glinver up at the Plaza to take him to meet someone else. This ‘friend’ had no information about who Glinver was supposed to be meeting (he claimed that he didn’t know who it was).

As far as what happened after Glinver was picked up, is anyone’s guess. I haven’t been able to locate any statements from this friend regarding what happened from the time he picked Glinver up until the time he dropped him off to meet the mystery person. I also read that according to Gina, this ‘friend’ has become quite uncooperative, and his story about what happened that day has actually changed several times.

Glinver is a diabetic and requires insulin on a daily basis. Which leads me to believe that his disappearance was not something he’d orchestrated himself. Law Enforcement hasn’t ruled foul play out, and when you consider how suspicious it is that his friend that claimed to have picked him up has changed his statement numerous times and is unwilling to help… well… it doesn’t paint him in a very good light.

I have emailed the lead investigator assigned to Glinver’s disappearance, hoping that he can possibly shed some light on the grey areas of this case. I haven’t heard anything back yet, but I’ll update when/if I do hear back from him.

If you have any information about Glinver’s disappearance, please contact KSP Pikeville at 606-433-7711 or kyunsolved@ky.gov.

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