Jane M. Bousley

It was October 19, 2001, and 70-year-old Jane Bousley was getting her hair done at Angie’s Hair Design in Winchester, Ky. Her hairdresser noticed that she seemed to be distracted, and had forgotten to take off her gloves once she’d arrived inside.

Afterward, she was seen headed towards either Walmart or Lowes in her silver, 1997 Mercury Tracer (License Plate 157-BXR). This was the last anyone ever saw of Jane or her vehicle.

LE did an aerial search, looking to find any traces of her whereabouts and came up empty. A search of her computer and credit cards also yielded no useful information as to what could have happened to her.

That’s basically all the information there is on her when you’re looking for actual news articles. She and her car are still missing.

So, what I want to know is why was she acting confused at the hair salon? Did she happen to have a medical condition that’s not been mentioned, or was perhaps even undiagnosed at the time? Or was she on some kind of medication that could have caused her to be acting that way?

Did she ever reach Walmart or Lowes? I’m assuming they’re within the same shopping area like they usually are. Surely you’d think in 2001 there would have been plenty of businesses with some form of surveillance cameras…

I did locate a Reddit topic about her, in which the OP had presumably been speaking with one of Jane’s relatives. I didn’t repeat from it because I haven’t spoken to the author, so I’ll just leave it linked above.

So what happened to Jane Bousley?? How can someone just disappear from the main thoroughfare in a city like Winchester? What happened to her car and why hasn’t it been located??

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