Nancy Ann Lockard

Nancy Ann Lockard (then 33) was last seen on June 24, 2009, at her late father’s home on Turkey Creek of Belfry, Kentucky, which is in Pike County. It is northeast of the county seat of Pikeville on US 119. She was wearing black sweatpants, a t-shirt, and sneakers of an unknown color. Nancy left behind two sons, whom her family states she would not abandon for anything in this world. 

After Ms. Lockard’s father passed away the year before, she was reportedly devastated. Who wouldn’t be after losing a parent? That’s one of the hardest things someone can ever go through. Her family did worry about her mental health after that, but again maintained     

Nancy’s boyfriend, Chris Chouinard, was supposed to be the last person to see her before she vanished. The two were reported to have had an argument, after which Lockard left and was never seen again. Pike County police and fire departments looked all through the hills around the home and specially trained dogs were even brought in from Louisville, but no trace of the woman was ever found. 

Taylor, who currently heads the search for Nancy with their sibling, states the following: On the morning of Nancy’s disappearance, at around 10:30 am, Chris walked to the speaker’s grandparents’ home next door to use the phone. They, then 6 years old, did not see him dial a number at that time. (A FOIA request sent to the Kentucky State Police yielded a call log indicating 11:00 as the time of the call.) Following that, Chris indicated to Taylor that their “aunt Nancy was missing.” 

Roughly an hour after this, Nancy’s partner and one of his friends returned to her home, backed a van up to the porch, and carried several garbage bags and a rug from the residence. Sometime after this, the area was searched and the hounds were brought out. Following this, Chouinard’s acquaintance purchased a new van according to the speaker. 

The only album on her still available MySpace account is titled “this man beats his woman” and contains a few photos of her with Chouinard. The writer was unable to view those photos, however. Searches on the Kentucky State and Pike County court system websites do not yield any results for him. 

Nancy is 5’11”, around 130 lbs, has brown hair, and green eyes. She has a Tigger tattoo on her right shoulder blade, a butterfly on her right breast area, and “Brooklyn” on her right ankle. It is reported as well that she had a tongue and navel piercing. It would be hard to miss this beautiful, tall woman out in public.  Any information can be done anonymously to Post 9 in Pikeville at (606) 433-7711 or to the Kentucky State Police hotline at 1-800-222-5555. Case 9C091201. 

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