Natasha Fugate Jones

Natasha Jones, 32, was last seen on May 7, 2015, as she left her Grandmothers’ residence in Fisty, Ky with friends in the morning hours. She left a note under her sons’ pillow, telling him that she would be back in a couple of days. According to the case circumstances on NamUs, Natasha was left on a reclaimed strip mine with an unnamed male acquaintance. He advised law enforcement that she ran away into a wooded area and never came back.

I wonder what the plans were for the group of friends for the day? I haven’t been able to locate any information that goes more in-depth about the events of that morning. There are no published interviews with the friends she was alleged to be with, not even a mention of who the friends were. I hope that when they were questioned by authorities and that they spoke openly and honestly about what happened before Natasha vanished.

Natasha with her sons.

Police used helicopters to conduct a search by air, while family, friends, as well as search dogs and their handlers launched their own search on the ground checking nearby mountain areas. There was information posted by Texas Equusearch about a possible search being conducted by them in January of 2017 if the weather permitted, but I couldn’t locate anything where they had actually been able to come out.

It was mentioned that a person of interest had taken a polygraph and failed.

Natasha’s family is offering a $15,000 reward for any information leading to their daughters’ whereabouts.

If you have any information to add please contact us through the contact link at the top of the page. If you actually want to talk about what you know, I’d advise leaving an email address that you can be contacted back at.

If you have any information about the location of Natasha, or what happened to her, please contact the Hazard KSP at 606-435-6069.

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