Francis D. Crownover

On November 26, 1987, 34-year-old Francis “Sandy” Crownover and her friend, Joseph Duenas went to bed at around 11:00 pm. Francis was living with Joseph at his residence on 6421 Pythian Drive, in Harrison, TN.

When Joseph awoke the next morning, Sandy was gone but she’d left him a note stating that she would call later. She never did.

November 28, 1987, Sandy called a friend from a local convenience store. I couldn’t find any information regarding whom she called, the time frame, or the location/name of the store. However, this was the last time anyone heard from her.

She left behind all of her clothing and most of her personal belongings, including her vehicle, which was parked at Joseph’s house. She has apparently taken around $200 with her though.

Joseph reported her missing on December 4, 1987. Hamilton County PD responded to the call, arriving at Joseph’s residence, where he told them that Francis had some mental problems. He also advised that he’d spoken to many of her friends, and that none of them had heard from, or seen her.

As far as I can tell there have been no sightings of Sandy since November of 1987 and no leads. I couldn’t locate any arrest records to indicate Joseph had any criminal or violent inclinations. So this one is definitely a head-scratcher.

I would love to know where she was the last night she was heard from, and maybe even who she called and what they spoke about. Did something happen to her that night? I wonder why she took the $200. Could she have been seeking a new life? Perhaps she bought a bus ticket? But why would she leave behind all of her clothes? I could understand leaving her car behind, especially if you were looking to start over somewhere. It would make locating you quite a bit more difficult, especially in 1987, but why leave your clothes.

Or could something have happened to her that night? Maybe she was trying to hitchhike and was picked up by someone who caused her disappearance? You would think that if she were hitchhiking that someone would have seen her out by the roadway though.

Endless theories and no answers.

If you think you have any information about the disappearance of Francis Crownover, please contact the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office at 423-622-0022 or 423-209-8940.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office
Chattanooga DA

03/21/2021 – no updates available.

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