Robert Ray Honeycutt

I actually had a close friend of Roberts reach out to me recently and we had an opportunity to discuss his disappearance. I’m updating this entry to reflect the conversation I had with them, as they saw and spent time with Robert the night before he went missing.

I want to start with saying, I asked this person to tell me about Robert. He was described as being humble, funny, and genuine. Smart as can be, and incredibly nice, but he had made some bad decisions in his life that had ended up with him battling addiction. He’d been struggling for over a decade, having entered rehab previously and managing to stay clean for a few years before falling back into old habits…

On May 4, 2009, Robert Honeycutt, 31, had been at a friends house. He had a phone call at around 9:00 pm that night with his parole officer, so she made sure that he was back to his home in Littcar, Ky, in time to take the call. After the call was over, Robert left with another friend, and this friend has remained a mystery for all these years. He spent the night with this mystery woman.

The following day, May 5, he had a hearing at the Knott County Court House, where mystery woman dropped him off…

At the courthouse, he managed to make friends with another woman. He went home with her but had to be at his residence (which he shared with his parents) to take another call from his parole officer. She allowed him to borrow her car (despite it being without insurance) to make the drive back home. 

After returning home, he spoke with his PO and settled in, seemingly to his father, in no hurry to return the car. That all changed after a brief phone call from the woman whom he’d borrowed the car from. She had become increasingly concerned with the fact that she’d let him take her car knowing that it had no insurance. Which prompted her to call him and advise that if he didn’t return it immediately, she would report it stolen.

This put Robert into a rush. Given that he had regular calls with a PO, he was obviously out of jail and doing his best to not go back. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that his jail time probably was drug-related, so of course, a call about a stolen car that he was found to be driving, would undoubtedly put a damper on that.

He left the house in a hurry to get the car back to its owner, but on the way, he wrecked over an embankment, landing in the creek off KY HWY 160 between the Ivis Bible Church and the Arby’s/Exxon gas station. For those of you familiar with the area, in that semi-bad curve.

According to witnesses, Robert climbed up the embankment to the main road. He was bloodied and injured. A local business owner watched as a woman driving a green colored car picked up Robert. He offered to call paramedics but she told him not to. (I’m going to assume this probably also had something to do with the apparent drug use that Robert and a lot of his company participated in.) Consequently, the driver and her son were both questioned by LE and they both passed a polygraph test.

Later that night, mystery woman shows up at the residence Robert shared with his parents. She was visibly upset, shaking and crying. Her car was checked by LE but there was no sign of anyone being with her.

Two weeks later, LE brought out cadaver dogs. They searched a 2-mile radius around the location where Robert had wrecked with no luck.

Back peddling a bit here, Roberts uncle went to the location of the accident the day following his disappearance and noted that there was a concerning amount of blood. To quote him, he said it “looked like a hog had been slaughtered”. Sounds like he definitely needed paramedics after the accident…

Right now, I want to know who the mystery woman is. I want to know why she showed up at Robert’s parents’ house the night he disappeared? Why was she so upset? At that time he wasn’t even considered missing. LE was likely responding to a call regarding the accident. It’s like she knew something had happened to him but just didn’t want to say anything. Could she have been the last person to see him?

If you think about it, he was taking the borrowed vehicle back and was going to need a ride home. Could he have called her to follow after him and give him a ride back? I wonder if phone records were checked to see who he’d called that day/evening…

I still think that whatever happened to Robert, it was ultimately caused by the accident. I believe he had injuries that he succumbed to, and due to the drug-related activities he (and likely whoever he was with at the time) were involved in, they panicked and hid his body instead of calling LE.

Robert’s parents have since both passed away.

If you have any information about what happened to Robert, please call the Kentucky State Police at 606-435-6069.


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